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Should I Fax My Resume?

We don’t encourage EasyJob’s users to fax resumes unless there is not other available alternative or it was expressly required by the employer company.

Post a resume by fax is probably the worst way of introducing yourself to a recruiter. Apart from being impolite, if unsolicited, faxed resumes look terrible and are uncomfortable to handle. Besides that, the relatively poor quality of a faxed resume will likely result in an incomplete evaluation of your qualifications.

In addition, you don’t know how many people share the fax machine causing resumes to possibly become misplaced. If your resume is illegible or lost, it definitely is not going to do you any good.

Then, give preference to the laser printing and high quality resume paper sent by post or a well designed electronic resume distributed by e-mail.

Finally, politeness is worth considering in human relations; in the employment-search process being courteous is of paramount importance and, it always pays.

Faxing or e-mailing unsolicited resumes, apart from being impolite, might be considered by many employers as an intrusion rather than a fast communication method. Then, before faxing your resume, always use common sense and be polite!

How to Fax Your Resume

What to do if you prefer faxing your resume because of its speed and convenience?

In this case, we recommend taking into account the following points:

  • When faxing your resume, the first ten lines of your resume are crucial to try to catch recruiter’s attention. Then a well written resume profile section is essential for the purpose of grabbing the reader’s eyes
  • Select a resume layout with bullets that highlights 5-10 selling points that cover your education, experience, achievements, skills and abilities. EasyJob has thousands of resume layouts options that will help you to leave a good first impression even when posting your resume by fax.
  • Follow up a fax with a hard copy of your resume sent by Post or an electronic version port by e-mail.

Fax Cover Sheet Resume

It is recommended to always follow your resume with a fax resume cover sheet; even though you know that the person receiving the fax with your resume is going to pick it up as soon as it prints out on his/her end.

Basically, the fax cover sheet resume should be almost the same of your resume cover letter. You just need to make sure this fax cover resume letter is short and that clearly mentions:

  • who is the intended recipient;
  • the total number of pages in the fax,
  • the subject matter of the fax,
  • the sender’s info, like his/her home, cellular, landline and fax numbers, etc.

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