Electronic Resume for Email & Online Posting

Electronic Resume, e-Resumes or Electronic CV

E-Resume for E-mail & Online Posting

No matter how you call them, electronic resumes, eresumes (you name it), are resumes specially crafted for being processed by computers.  An electronic resume, or electronic cv in the UK, will be rarely printed almost always be included in some resume database.

Since you now have a completely different audience (searchable resume databases instead of a human reading your printed resume) you must re-evaluate how to create your resume. Both contents and format should be specifically tailored for this new situation lest your resume be lost in the World Wide Haystack.

The Two Pillars of Electronic Resumes

Success with electronic resume rests on two pillars:

  • Resume keyword strategy.
  • Computer friendly resume formatting.

Resume keyword strategy is of paramount importance to all websites. If a web site doesn`t contain the keywords users type in a search engine, it will never be found. The same is true for e-resumes.

Resume databases are like smaller, specific versions of search engines. The recruiter or employer will type in a list of keywords and within seconds will have a list of electronic resumes that best match those keywords.

It doesn’t matter if you have the skills for the job, if you didn’t describe them with the same keywords that recruiters use, your resume will never get a chance.

Fancy resume formatting can be an eye-candy for human readers, and might help grab the attention of a recruiter. Unfortunately, that same formatting is confusing noise for a computer program.  The formatting of an electronic resume or electronic cv should never get in the way of the computer.

Winning Keyword Strategies for Electronic Resumes

How can you find out the best keywords for your e-resume? Unfortunately, it`s not an easy task. The only way is to research on hundreds of want ads for your targeted jobs and keep a list of how the desired skills, technical knowledge, achievements, duties, industry jargon and personality traits are described.

Compiling the list of professional keywords can be a time consuming task and very few job seekers or unemployed workers have time to waste.

Fortunately, we have done the grunt work for you. Our resume builder, EasyJob, has thousands of resume keywords categorized by profession and organized as Skill-Headings.  Skill-Headings are short, keyword-rich descriptions of your skills, achievements and personality traits using the recruiter`s jargon.

EasyJob turns the legwork of finding keywords into a simple point and shoot: choose your profession from the list and select the correct Skill-Headings (keywords). Download EasyJob Resume Builder Demo and check it out NOW for FREE!


Electronic Resumes are Not Grocery Lists: Avoid Keyword Spamming!

A common mistake is to write down a list of keywords as in a grocery list hoping to get better positioning in the resume search results. A simple list of keywords, with no context might fool some older resume database, but it certainly won’t impress a human reader.

There are no shortcuts here: take your time and write high quality resume content using the correct keywords. Use them judiciously, without spamming” your copy. You will improve your computerized keyword score while building professional credibility with human readers.

EasyJob comes with thousands of Skill-Headings (resume keyword frases), resume content examples and all the help you need to write powerful electronic resume contents. Download the demo for free now and create a great e-resume!

Minimalist Formatting is BEST for e-Resumes

With electronic resumes, your best chance is to take a minimalist approach to formatting. Less is best if you want be both computer and human friendly.

EasyJob comes with more than 25,000 resume formats and several (such as the Centered and Icon templates) are especially well suited for electronic resumes.

If you are going to upload your resume to a job bank, make sure you save it first as ASCII text only. Then it will be just copy and paste it.

Check out the free demo of EasyJob and you’ll be creating electronic resumes in no time!

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