Writing Resumes

Resumes Writing Options

When writing resumes, you have to decide whether you:

  • Hire a Resume Writing Service firm for a fee ranging from $100 to $1,000 or even more;
  • Write Resume Yourself from scratch on your PC, maybe guided by your old resume, asking your friends for advice, using articles, books and resumes templates downloaded on Internet;
  • Buy a Resume Builder Software package for about $50 that provides you with a variety of resume templates, formats and allows for tailoring and updating your resume.

Let’s examine each of the above resumes writing options:

Option 1: Resume Service Firms

If you decide to hire a resume service firm, be extremely careful in choosing the right one. A good resume-writing service usually costs from $300 – $600 or more. Employment counseling agencies, which normally provide a resume-writing service in addition to some contact information, often charge from $600 to $1500 or more. A secretarial-type service makes your resume look good and (usually) error-free for a fee from $ 95 to $200, but a clean, attractive resume is not enough to secure an interview.

Option 2: Write Your Own Resume by Yourself

If you are brave enough to choose the second option, be prepared to have a rough time deciding which documents (Internet articles, books, etc.) you should read before starting to write. One 10-minutes search on the Internet, using just one search engine and one unique word – “resume” – , results in more than 408,000,000 listings!

The number of books, applications and web sites on subjects related to job-seeking strategies and resume writing is so vast that a person who starts reading on January 1 will come to December 31 having read only 10 percent of all published materials – IF he or she reads every single day, 24 hours a day!

Option 3: Resume Software

If you decide to buy good resume builder software, think about Easyjob Resume Builder, the newest and most powerful writing tool. Easyjob did a tremendous legwork for you conducting bibliographic searches, reading books, examining the existing software, surfing the net and taking the best of all these materials for you.

As a resume writing expert said:

“While most of the software packages can guide you through the resume-creation process, you can’t rely on them for personalized career advice. As with any computer program, the quality of the finished product is only as good as the information you provide. These packages ask questions, then format your answers into a resume.”

(Jason R. Rich)

EasyJob: The Best Resume Writers at Your Beck and Call

EasyJob is like having a resume wizard at your beck and call, 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

It is really much more than that, this resume software asks questions, moreover assists you in giving responses and so making the input to your Career Information Database, as well as selecting the output for each resume, according to the principle of “the right resume to the right employer at the right time”.

With EasyJob you just buy this resume builder once, and you’ll never need to pay for new resume versions, updates, or any other feature that other services frequently charge for. In fact, the more you use EasyJob, the less it costs!

EasyJob Resume Builder writes a resume ONLY after receiving all your specific, individual information. In a step-by-step process, EasyJob gathers all the information necessary to create your resumes. Then, it offers you suggestions on how to emphasize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses and provides effective resume wording samples that you can copy and use as-is or adapt to your exact needs.

You, together with guidance from EasyJob, will create powerful resume content that succinctly and clearly describes all your work experience and achievements in an impressive way, while omitting statements that could damage your professional image.Do you still have questions about which method to choose? Download EasyJob demo here and check it out NOW for FREE!