Lying on Resume

Lie On Your Resume

Studies indicate that job seekers frequently lie on their resumes. It includes different degrees of deception, such as: listing false employers, false achievements, false degrees or certifications, exaggerating your role, authority, size of your staff and also misleading language.

It is a big mistake and we do suggest you don’t fail on it.

The best strategy for your resume is to always be truthful about your education and background. With honest and well-written resume, even job seekers with less than perfect background will secure interviews.

Lying on your resume is not only immoral, it could get you fired or even sued.
There’s a fine line between selling and lying, make sure you don’t cross it.
There’s NO Need to Lie on Resume for Landing Your Dream Job.

There are several problems with lying on a résumé, with the biggest problem being that it’s immoral. But if you don’t care about moral issues, consider that if a lie is ever discovered, you will most likely be immediately fired.

So, never lie on your resume, stick always to the truth; otherwise, you’ll never be completely at ease in any new job, knowing that your employer might learn the truth.

Very few of us have a perfect career history; you shouldn’t feel you need to lie, exaggerate or mislead on your resume. Instead, create, with EasyJob Resume Builder software an honest resume that focuses on what you do offer potential employers.

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Don’t walk the fine line between selling and lying. With guidance from EasyJob, you will create powerful content that succinctly and clearly describes all your work experience and achievements in an impressive way, while omitting statements that could damage your professional image.

Most Employers Will Check The Information in Your Resume

Although with the Internet lying on resumes is today less common than it was a few years ago, employers have become more cautious because of concerns about negligent hiring, workplace violence, and possible litigation.

They do more background checks, pre-employment testing, and other screening methods. Even if they don’t want to go through the time and expense of performing background checks, pre-employment testing, and drug screening, they can still guard against being lied to by an applicant by just searching about you on Internet, checking references and also at the time of interviewing.

How to Catch Employers’ Attention Without Having to Lie or Exaggerate?

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