Executive Resumes

An Outstanding Executive Resume is a Must, Not a Plus

In today’s job market, an executive, senior manager, or senior professional with over five years experience, must convince employers that he is better than 90% of other candidates.

The only effective weapon in this fight is a winning executive resume, one that instantly impresses recruiters swamped with candidates.

If your senior executive resume fails to sell your best qualifications quickly and clearly, you may lose out to lesser candidates with better executive resumes. Don’t let that happen.

Too many strong senior executives and professionals seeking too few open positions…
How do you get your executive resume noticed?
Tips on How to Write an Executive Resume:

Tip #1: Your Executive Resume Must Highlight Your ‘Employability’ Assets

You need a senior executive resume that sets you apart from other executives, one that highlights your major accountabilities and bottom-line results.

Additionally, you should be including any professional memberships, community service, teaching experience, presentations and recognitions.

Tip #2: Your Senior Executive Resume Must Be a Strategic Marketing Tool

Executive searches are highly selective and your resume must work as a professionally designed strategic marketing tool.

To win your next job you must motivate the recruiter to call you. But first your resume must convince him that you are better than other candidates. Some of your competitors may, in fact, be less qualified than you, but their executives resumes perhaps do a better job selling their qualifications.

Tip #3: Only the Paranoid Survive…

In the present job market, you should constantly be looking over your shoulder as Andrew Grove recommends on his book “Only the Paranoid Survive”.

Complacency is the root of career decay. To survive and thrive, you must be prudently paranoid and armed with a strong resume. If you think yours is “good enough,” your complacency could cost you dearly. Instead, you should try the EasyJob’s professionally prepared executive resume with its hard-hitting opening statement packed with your skills, abilities, personal attributes and achievements.

Nothing is more impressive than explaining specifically how you increased revenues and profits, improved product or service quality, or increased operating efficiencies or reduced costs.

Executive Resumes Outline

The most important sections of successful senior executive resumes outline are:

  • The Resume Profile (or resume objective): a short and hard-hitting opening statement packed with your skills, abilities, personal attributes and accomplishments. It should be considered as an ad for the rest of your resume. Your senior executive profile must convince the recruiting manager that he or she will benefit from reading the next section.
  • The Achievements: This is the most important section of a senior executive resume. Nothing will be more impressive than how and how much you contributed to your previous employer’s success. On a senior executive resume, achievements talks and BS walks.

When typing your achievements section, the EasyJob´s “guru at your beck and call” help system will compel you to use numbers and percentages to describe them and, give you many examples of achievements that you can easily be copied and pasted on your resume.

The professionally designed “achievements-oriented executive resume format” draws well-deserved attention to the most important details of your past job history, and can easily be updated by yourself. Free download EasyJob demo here and check it out NOW!

Executive Resume Samples, Templates and Formats by EasyJob

Resume samples, templates and formats that work for recent graduates will fail if used by senior executives. ‘One size fits all’ resume formats used by most resume services won’t make it either in our competitive job market.

You need an executive resume sample that has been created from the ground up to create outstanding senior executive resumes.

If your resume doesn’t capture the hiring manager’s attention immediately, all your years of hard work and education are WASTED.

With EasyJob Resume Builder, you only have to select the “Achievements-oriented” executive resume format. This resume format has been designed specifically for senior executives. It will build a resume that leads the prospective employer to your accomplishments at the first glance. Check it out NOW for FREE!