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Online Resumes Basic Formats

Nowadays there are two basic types of resumes. The classic printed resume, which you take with you to a job interview, and the increasingly popular online resume.

An online resume is any resume that has been crafted to suit the specific needs of any of these three use cases:

  • Post your resume to a job board such as, or any other online resume database.
  • Distribute your resume via email.
  • Display your resume on a web site, such as your blog.

Free Online Resume Writing Tips

Online resumes require some specific writing and formatting techniques to be able to grab the employer’s attention and get you the desired interview. Find below the top two most relevant free online resume writing tips. They are the essentials about how to write an online resume that will be found during the search on resume’s database and then selected by interviewers.

1. – Online Resumes Need More Than Just Specific Format

A very common mistake is to assume that you only have to change the format for building a good online resume.  This assumption is very far from true, as the most important part of successful online resumes is its contents.

Although online resumes will also be read by people, your most important reader will be a computer program. Either if you upload your resume to a job board, send it by email to a recruiter or answering to a want ad, or just display it on your blog, it will eventually end up in a data base.

Resume databases are searched for by keywords, so using the right lingo to describe your skills and achievements is paramount.

It doesn’t matter if you do have the right skills and experience for a job, if you are unable to communicate those skills to the employer through your resume and during the interview.  This is just as important during the previous phase of resume selection: if you don’t describe your skills with the right keywords, your resume will never be found in the database.

2. – Resume Keywords Make Your Online Resume Stand Out of the Haystack

Finding out what keywords to use in your resume can be a daunting task. The only way is to review thousands of want ads and check how potential employers describe the skills they are looking for.

Fortunately, there’s an easier way. We have already done the legwork for you and collected thousands of real-world keywords and organized them as resume Skill-Headings. Resume Skill-Headings are short, keyword-rich, descriptions for most job-positions.

With Easyob, our resume builder, creating a online resume rich in keywords is as simple as picking the right Skill-headings from the list:

Once you have completed this vital first step of crafting a keyword-rich online resume contents, find out what`s the best EasyJob´s format for your online resumes and then it will be just copy and paste it. Free download EasyJob demo here and check it out NOW!

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