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With over 25,000 resume and cover letter, EasyJob is your unparalleled source for creating effective resumes & cover letters package.

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The EasyJob Resume & Cover Letter builder software is much more than resume and cover letter examples. EasyJob shows you how to emphasize your strongest qualifications, achievements and skills, make education one of your strongest selling points, bring your professional image in line with your career goals and omit statements that decrease your value in the eyes of an employer.

EasyJob designs your resume, cover letter, and professional stationery by offering you more than 25,000 resume and cover letter examples with effective, easy-to-read fonts and attractive, professionally designed layouts.

EasyJob gives you flexible job-search strategies that increase your job opportunities and career options, an analysis of your professional image and job search potential and more. No matter what your job search situation is, EasyJob offers you the accumulated knowledge of HR experts and professional resume writers, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so that you can create the right resume for YOU and for your targeted employer(s) at the right time.

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