Cover Letter Format

Using the Right Cover Letter Format and Avoiding Spelling and Typing Errors

  • No spelling or typing errors. Make no mistake about it. Not even one is allowed. Absolutely no errors! Your cover letter must be perfection itself. A typo, a poor printing job, a misspelling – mistakes will make a poor impression because they imply that you don’t care.
  • Use EasyJob Resume Builder or, at least, a word processor. Never hand write a cover letter. Never! Prepare your cover letter on a computer using a resume builder like EasyJob, that gives you lots of phrases samples to help you writing the cover letter with a proper and professional language. Double check the grammar and spelling with a word processor like MicroSoft Word. Don’t have a computer? Borrow a friend’s or go to a business center and rent one for an hour or two!
  • Avoid fancy fonts and colors. You are not creating a flyer or a poster. So use a business font such as Arial or Verdana. No colors. Black on white reproduces easily. Your cover letter must be perfectly centered and printed on plain white paper. Print your cover letter and resume on a laser printer.
  • Keep it short. Your cover letter should be one page in length and perfectly centered. The cover letter and resume are never folded. They are placed in an envelope large enough to accommodate them unfolded.
  • Using Templates. There are literally hundreds of cover letter templates available online. While it may be tempting to just cut and paste one you happen to like, don’t do it.  Always write the cover letter in your own words and based on the specific job offer you are applying for.

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