Job Interview Tips

Got a Job Interview?

If you’ve been scheduled for an interview, it’s fine to celebrate. Just don’t count your chickens before they hatch! In other words, don’t assume the position is already yours. Getting a job interview means that your resume caught the eye of the recruiter, the human resources department, or the manager, and now that person wants to meet you and know more about you. It also means that, for you, the moment of truth has arrived.

Job Interview Tips

There is no way anyone can get to know you fully in one job interview, so you can expect to be appraised by a number of predetermined qualities which will contribute to your overall interview performance “score.”

Your physical appearance, gestures, posture, poise, confidence level, personality traits, and how well you answer difficult questions are some of the factors you must be aware of before and during the interview.

Successful Job Interview

During the interview, the most important factor is your attitude with regard to the interview. Be careful what verbal and non-verbal messages you convey to the interviewer.

Show him or her that you are calm, self-confident and, above all, convinced that the interviewer is not there to block your way to the position, but is genuinely interested in finding the appropriate candidate as soon as possible.

If You Get Nervous during the Interview…

If you are nervous, take it easy. The interviewer knows that some degree of nervousness on an interview is normal. Who knows? He or she may be just as nervous as you are!

Other Useful Tips for Job Interview

Apart from more and specific interviewing hints that you can find in “The Successful Job Seeker”, an eBook that you get for free when using EasyJob Resume Builder, you should visit Guide to Job Interview Answers where you can find a complete guide and essential interview preparation tool.

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